Picture of George Lawlor holding a sign that says "This is not what a rapist looks like" 0

How do you define rapist?

Virtually every day I read at least one article in the news that leaves me shaking my head. On November 23, 2015, it was an article about George Lawlor, who has been branded a rapist (even...

Antoinette and her daughter smile for the camera 1

What is the true source of happiness?

Many days I have found myself warning my children to guard against the pop culture message advising them to make themselves happy by fulfilling selfish desires and impulses. Society sends the message that happiness is paramount, is worth pursuing...

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Welcome to

The idea for this site first hit me some three and a half years ago, when I used the term “family functionality” in a social media comment. As soon as I typed it, I...