Welcome to familyfunctionality.com!

Welcome to familyfunctionality.com!

The idea for this site first hit me some three and a half years ago, when I used the term “family functionality” in a social media comment. As soon as I typed it, I had a vision that I have longed to fulfill. I registered my domain that very day, but it has taken three and a half years to get this site up and running. I have no prior experience in creating a website. I tried blogging a few times, but didn’t stick with it. Hopefully, that won’t be the case this time.

My family is unique – every family is unique! But sometimes, it feels like we can be so¬†dysfunctional, and I think lots of families feel that way from time to time. That is the reason I wanted to make a website dedicated to improving the way families function. It’s something we¬†pray about and work on constantly in my home, and hopefully our experiences will be of benefit to others. I truly hope you enjoy reading the categorized articles posted here.


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Antoinette Boulet is a wife and mother of three daughters. Professionally, she has worked in the retail grocery industry, the life insurance and annuity industry, and most recently in the field of education as a highly qualified public and private school teacher.

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