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Antoinette Boulet is a wife and mother of three daughters. Professionally, she has worked in the retail grocery industry, the life insurance and annuity industry, and most recently in the field of education as a highly qualified public and private school teacher.

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3 Responses

  1. CarloGreengo says:

    I see your site needs some fresh articles. Writing manually is time consuming,
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    • AnotherAnnie says:

      Thank you for the advice Carlo. You are right – it’s labor intensive, and it’s something I only get to do in my spare time – when I’m not working or taking care of my family. But I personally enjoy writing, and I’d rather fill my web space with organic articles and potential guest posts than load it up with computer generated content. I am old fashioned that way. Hope you return and enjoy the articles I do take the time to write and post. ☺

  2. Larissa Boulet says:

    It is true, you tell us to do four different things, and then a split second later, demand an answer as to why they aren’t done, and promptly give us about 40 more things we need to do within the hour.

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